21 févr. 2014

First post, introduction and all other thingies ~

Hi everyone !

So I thought I should start off this blog with a little introduction, of myself, and of what I want to do with this blog of course :)

First and not the least, my name is Diane, and I'm living in France since I was born, it was 20 years ago.
I've been interested in asia's culture since something like 8 or 9 years now, thanks to Japan, manga and all, but now I'm more interested in Korea and China's culture ~

I went to China 3 times and once in Korea, I'm really passionate about travels and I wish I could visit more countries in the future.

Right now I'm in my first year of university, my major is Chinese, and my courses are about culture, litterature, history and so on, I'm also taking korean language course twice a week as a 2nd year student.
Last year I was studying japanese, but finally my love for this country's culture faded away as the years were passing. (but I'm still very very fond of its fashion, and wish I could go there once)

The things I like the most in this life are : EXO and Vixx, korean cosmetics, fashion in general, flowers and spending whole days watching videos and dramas on my computer ...

Let's not talk about dislikes, and stay positive right? ~

Now that you know a little bit more about me, let's go on what I'll talk about on this bloggie okay? ~

I've been thinking about making this kind of blog for a long time, you know, where you're writing cosmetics reviews and talking about your lastest purchases. I'd also like to talk about some little things about my everyday life (but not too much hehe, just keep a little mystery y'kow). Sooooo maybe it'll be just one fish in the ocean, maybe you'll have fun reading my articles or you'll get bored, but... this is your choice haha !
It'll also help maintain a good level in english as I don't have english class since this year ~

Thanks for reading it so far ! Here's a little selca to illustrate my horrible talkings ~

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