26 mars 2014

{Dolly Wink} Tsubasa Masukawa's liquid eyeliner for deer like eyes ~

Hi everyone ~

I know it's already been a long time since my last post and I apologize for it...
I'm soon gonna enter the scary time of finals at University and I'm trying to work... even if I have a hard time doing so haha......

But still ! I'm here today, and for a really good review ;)

Some of you may have a hard time finding THE perfect eyeliner... And I must say that I find THE ONE to me, ...

...it's Dolly Wink's liquid eye liner ! I actually use it since a really long time, but tried cheaper ones when the one I had dried because it's still a bit expensive to me.

Well, of course, because it's a liquid pencil eyeliner you can't use it for every look you want to achieve, but for an everyday i'msolazybutstillwanttolookpretty basis, it's really a perfect option !

And I'll explain you why in a second !

First, picture of the packaging ! When I first started using this, it was still the old packaging so I was surprised it change AND also surprised that you can also have it in brown now... BROWN... BROWN !!! I love brown colored eyeliner so much so I can really say that it is the reason why I decided to buy it again despite the expensive price !

(ugly night picture .... wanted to open it asap haha)

The older package was shapped as a pink and black shopping bag, but I think this one is really pretty too. It's just the trend that changed and Koji's following it ~

Here are the beast:

Certainly the best part of this product, the pencil. It's really thin, and above all very flexible. You can either draw a really thin, nearly not noticable line or a very bold, pin-up like line, all of this really easily !
Of course you have to get used to it first, at the beginning I had a hard time drawing perfect lines, but it's still easier with this one than other liquid or pencil liner.

Swatch, swatch ~

You can see on the swatch above that you can really do any type of line you want, you can even do little drawings with it ~

Time for water crash test ! I shed water on my hand for more than 10 secondes. I didn't rub it, just shed it, and it didn't move at all ! Not joking really, you can cry a river and still have liner on!

Then I dried my hand using a towel, rubbing it a little. You can see that the black swatch stayed perfectly, the brown one is a little less stronger, but you really need to rub it hard if you want it to fade away.

Waterproof and smudge proof test : (nearly) PERFECT ! 
In my opinion and with the products I had the chance to use from now on, this is the BEST waterproof and smudge proof liner EVER !

Here's a make up I did using the deep black one ~
The products I used are:
A'Pieu - Hair match browcara in Milk brown
Urban Decay - Naked 2 (can't remember which one exactly I used)
Holika Holika - Jewel Light waterproof eyeliner n.12
Etude House - Dear Girls long and curl mascara
Dolly Wink - Deep black liquid eyeliner
Dolly Wink - Deep black pencil eyeliner

Another good thing to this product is even if it's waterproof, smudge proof and all, it's also really easy to take it off, either with cleasing oil or micellar water. You won't have those ugly panda looking eyes you get with some gel liners ~

In the end, I think everyone of you know I'm in love with this liner, and I'll recommand it to everyone of you ! Even if it's kind of pricey, it really worth it's price, even more because you can certainly use it for mooore than 6 months straight without drying out !

I bought mine from AdamBeauty here : Dolly Wink Liner

I really recommand you this website, even though the products are kind of expensive (japanese brands are way pricier than korean ones ...) they have lots of good brands and the shipping fees are like 2 or 4$ so it's still reasonable :) (keep in mind that the prices are in HK$ haha)

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  1. Je ne sais plus quelle marque a sorti la collection Sailor Moon mais le eyeliner est exactement le même! :D Ils sont super bien, la pointe est un peu trop pointue du coup parfois faut repasser mais c'est impec comme truc!

    1. Ha? Il faut que je regarde, mais si c'est collector ça doit couter une blinde...
      Justement le côté très fin de la pointe est le côté le plus pratique, tu peux vraiment faire autant de style que tu veux avec précision héhé