1 mars 2014

{Nature Republic} Beautiful lips with Botanical Cushion Gradation Tint

Hi everyone ~

Today I'm here to review one of the products I use the most,

Nature Republic's Botanical Cushion Gradation Tint.

I have to confess, I fell in love with Nature Republic this summer, during my trip to Korea. I already loved Korean cosmetics, but most of them were from Etude House, mostly because I knew that their products were good and mostly because I'm a coward when I have to try something new.

This brand was created in 2009, and promotes nature friendly products, trying to create skincare and makeup with the most natural ingredients as possible. Lots of brand concept are bio friendly since a few years, and I think Nature Republic is doing it nicely, combining nature loving ingredients and nice design and concepts.

Some of you may not know, but right know, the new face of Nature Republic is EXO ~ But it's not because of them that I decided to try their products haha

I really really recommand you to try something from them, either from their skincare line or makeup line, I've never been deceived by any of their products since I've been using them.

But stop the talking, and let's go onto the serious business!


I actually have 2 of them:

The hot pink one is #09 Bright Pink. It's a hot neon pink, and no one will miss out your lip color with it !
One of the end is to apply the color on your lips, you can add as much tint as you want.

The other end is a cushion, it'll help you shape the color as you wish, from gradation lips to full lip color ~

And here is the other one, #02 Dalae Beige ( or Redwood), it's a natural coral beige with hints of red. It's really good when you want a natural look but still want to wear something on your lips. You can also do   natural gradation lips with the help of a concealer, it'll look lovely.

The cushion tip is really soft, and doesn't keep the color in, it didn't stain my finger while I took the picture, so you won't have any problem when you want to build the color.

Here is a swatch on my hand, I hope it's accurate to their real color :)

Here is how it looks when you use the cushion tip in a straight line, the color is less noticeable and more natural. (so sorry for my ugly hands haha)

Today I'm wearing the hot pink one, I've blended it with the cushion tip so you can see that it's not soooo vibrant this way, but you can also have a very bright color haha ~ (sorry again for ugly face with ugly breakout ~)

Lasting: The color is really longlasting, the more you put on, the longer it'll stay on your lips. You'll eventually have to put it on again after eating, but you'll still have some color on after your meal.

Texture: The texture is mat, so it's not really good if you have dry lips. I recommand you to exfoliate your lips before putting it on (with a toothbrush for exemple, just after your brush your teeth, or with a mixture of honey and brown sugar if your lips are fragile). You can also use lipbalm underneath, but it's lasting power will be a bit dicreased if you use this option.

You also have a lot of choice in colors, and all them are really vibrant and beautiful, I had the chance to see all of the colors in real life and had a hard time choosing one (and ended up choosing two) because all of them are really nice !

-Lots of choice in colors
-Easy to blend with the cushion tips
-Vibrant and long lasting
-Mat "velvety", so it can looks natural
-Not too pricey because it goes for a long time

-Not really nice looking on dry lips
-A bit long to dry so don't drink or eat just after putting it on

You can buy it here : Cosmetic Love
Korea Depart

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