3 avr. 2014

{Fashion} Non sponsored SheInside review

Hi everyone !

Didn't took a lot of time since my last post right?

Actually I think it'll be the last before a long time because I finally have my exams schedule, I still have some time, but because I'm a lazyass, there's still a looot of studies to do to get good grades (and then possibly fly to China or Korea for a year).

I hope all of my readers are well, even if the weather's getting hotter, you still have to be careful not to catch a cold, okay? :)

Today I'm going to review a dress I've ordered from SheInside. I know a lot of bloggers are sponsored by them, but I'm not, so this will be made with my own opinion since I paid for it myself~

It's actually thanks to all those sponsored posts that I decided to try ordering from them, and this dress was very cheap (something like 20$/18€) so even if it'd be meh, it won't be too much of a waste. 

Here's the dress I've ordered, it was finally on sale(sad :( ), but it's sold out now.

I've ordered it on the 14's of March and received it on the 27. It's quite quick, but I couldn't track my package, I don't know if it's because I'm dumb, or if the website really doesn't work...

I've received it in a plastic package (which is nice in my opinion, you don't need to use a box just for a small dress ~) and the dress itself was also packed in a plastic bag with a tag inside of it with washing advices.

As for the dress itself, I think the quality is really good for it's price ! It's well sewn, there's no hanging threads, the collar is really well done, and the fabric's quality is not that bad,  not the best either but you can't expect much when you pay less than 20$ :)

For the measurements, I didn't really checked everything while buying it, only the shoulder's measurements because I'm quite large, and S size was okay, so I went for it. However, it's named as "long sleeve".... WRONG haha, it's sleeves are 3/4, it's actually better, but still wrong, if I do not care about it, some people might, and maybe didn't check the measurements so it'll be a bad thing to them..

I'm also talking about the measurements because... wow it's actually so short ... I'm a bit scared to wear it outside because I don't want to be arroused, if you check the picture above it nearly looks like we can see my butt... Actually the shape of the dress doesn't help it because it's high waisted so it make your legs look longer. I'll try to find a way to wear it, but if I go bare legs, I really think I'll be looked at strangely...

Overall, if you want cheap and fashion clothing, then go for it ! SheInside really has a various range of clothings and they add a new selection everyday so you can often check it !
As for the clothing itself, don't expect much when you pay a cheap price, of course whether you buy online or in shop it's the same right? :) You have what you pay for ! So if it doesn't matter to you (like me) then go ahead ! It's also a good way to have new clothings often, even more when you're a fashion holic ~

I hope you liked my honest review, and I'll really try to be back soon ♥

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  1. you look great in that dress! it's a very beautiful shade of purple :)

    hope we can follow each other :D
    Please follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    If you’d like, I’ll follow you back :) Bloggers should support each other x

  2. I love Sheinside! They're prices are affordable and the clothes are so pretty! I love your dress, the color is really cute and I like the shoes you're wearing too! :'D I think you should try wearing black tights underneath the dress if you're worried about it being too short :D!


  3. Omg i love the colour of this dress, it's so gorgeous!
    I love how the cutting at the bottom is so adorable~
    I've never heard of Sheinside before, but it sounds like a really good website to buy from
    Thanks for sharing this ^_^