3 juin 2014

{Etude House} Review of Dear my Blooming Lip Talks' lipsticks

Hey everybody !

As I promised, I'm here again for a review !

Didn't have to wait much huh? ~ And I'm stopping your curiosity right here, because I'm going to review the lipstick I got in my Pink Blooming Day package !

As I said in my little hint, I got the color PK004 BUT, but, but..... I also have another one to review, from an older collection (do you remember Kiss Note ? ~) I think it's from the first collection of those lipsticks... But I can assure you one thing, they really improved the product since then and I'm really happy to compare both and show you the results !

Okay so I don't have the box of the old one with me, it's at my parents' house, so if I don't forget it I'll post a pic of it later ~ The packaging has changed, the new one looks more mature than the first one with heart's and stars everywhere haha (it really looked toooo girly for girls in their twenties I think).
But the cutest part of the packaging is not the box but the lipstick itself ! The packaging of it didn't change maybe because it's so pretty and everyone loves it? ~ It never broke since I got my first one a few year (2?) back and still closes perfectly well ! PLUS I heard that you can take off the ribbon part and use it as a ring, I've never tried so, but when the lipstick's finished it's a really good way to recycle at least one part of it ~

Top of the box, showing the color's number and it's korean name (which is Breathtaking Pink in english). Looks like it's a bright and vibrant pink hohoho

Directions in English, there's no translation for the ingredients (maybe inside the box but I didn't open it ~) You're supposed to use it up to 18 months but.... well... I got my first one 2 years so... haha But still, be careful to keep it in safe and clean places. If you can, finish it or throw it away soon after the expiration date (it can be okay for lipstick but DON'T KEEP moisturizing cream/toner/BB Cream/Foundation if you don't want a bad skin condition !)

Other side of the box, everything is written in korean ~

Here is how it looks when it's open ~ Vivid color and shiny ! I really love brand new lipsticks, they look so perfect that you don't even want to put them on haha~

Best detail ever ! The product is engraved with the same heart there were on the first box ! It's so pretty isn't it?

And here is my oldest lipstick, RD304. It was actually one of the kiss note's ad that Sandara was wearing, it looked so pretty so I decided I'll give a try to this one ! But because it's a very vivid color and I was a bit shy, I didn't use it much. Morover you have to exfoliate your lips a lot because it really show you dry patches, a problem I didn't really had with the new one ~ 
It's also engraved hehe !

Comparison ~ The new one I got is pinker than the old one, but even though the RD304 is supposed to be on the redish side, it has hint of pink and looks pinker when it's on the lips.

Swatch ~ with natural light. Up is RD304 and down is PK004. 

Same swatch with flash, RD304 looks more like this picture irl, a bit pinker that the first swatch, the PK004 has hint of purple in it.

And last but not least, how does it looks when it's worn? Here ~



I had to put more swipe with the RD304 to achieve this looks, seems like the new ones are more pigmented ~
For the staying power I only wore the RD304 for a long time and it's quite well for a lipstick, if you don't drink or eat it can stay really well for 4 or 5 hours (but you have to drink often to have a nice skin soooo... ~) but I suppose the newest may be better !
If you have dry lips, the newest is better too, it doesn't stay on the fine lines which is my biggest problem with the RD304, you can see on the pictures above that the lines on my lips are more noticeable on the second picture. But of course you still have to exofialte your lips, whatever lips product you use if you want to have nice looking make up ! 

Overall, even if I'm Etude House biased, I must say that this is a really good lip product ! It has a nice range of color, from red, pink, nude and orange, every taste can find it's favourite one ! 
It has a really good staying power for a lipstick, and this come from a liptint lover ~
The color is vibrant, everyone will notice your colorful lips 

It's a bit pricey, it depends on where you buy it though.
It settle in fine lines so you have to exfoliate your lips.
Dry lips? Stay away from it and prefer colored lip balm (it is still better to use this lipstick than liptint though, liptint can dry your lips really badly)

I don't think it's necessary to put links for shops, because it's pretty easy to find ~

Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading ! See you in a next post ~ ♥

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  1. :o Ils rendent quand même super bien sur toi! Moi ça fait un truc tout à fait dégueulasse, pas bien réparti..

    1. L'important c'est de bien exfolier ses lèvres, puis aussi de mettre un baume à lèvre juste après, et ensuite tu peux mettre le rouge à lèvre, il sera bien normalement ~

  2. Lovely review!
    heheh the Etude house packaging is super cute and pretty~
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

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