1 juin 2014

{Surprise!} Pink Blooming Day by Etude House

Hey hey !

Finally back here ! I've got some new posts on the way just for you !

Today, I'm gonna talk about:


It was an event held by Etude House 2 weeks ago ~ It was a huuuge event in Korea BUT us, international fan, could also take part of it through Etude House's Global fanpage on facebook (click click). It was a contest for "Girls of 20" (but everyone had it's chance) because in Korea you celebrate the "Becoming a Lady" day in the 3rd Monday of May. "Becoming a Lady" is (I suppose) linked to the Coming of Age day when you turn 20 (in Korean age, so I'm supposed to be... like... 22 or so, while in France I'm actually 20 going on my 21 this year) you're then allowed to drink (well...) drive, and all... Everything which is linked to the ADULT world.. ~

The condition was easy, you had to send them an email explaining what's going to be a new start in your life this year, mostly linked to adulthood (graduating, starting to work, living on your own etc...) and then ... wait for the result ! 100 persons where selected to receive a present ~ Here it is:

 I've decided to talk about my first job because I'll start working in July and ... even though I'm 20, it's a first time for me ! The fact that I'm going through this may have seduced them haha, because I've tried to descibe my true feelings toward this, it's really a new point in my life and it'll make me feel more into the adult side of life.

Last week, I've received an email from them telling me I've been selected and that I'll receive a present soon. But... I didn't knew it'd be SO fast, they actually send it with EMS, which is quite expensive ! See how they cherish their fans haha (I love you too Etude T.T )
I didn't expect it so soon, and it's my brother who received the package with his face saying: "What did you ordered again... wtf is this pink box... you should have open the door, you should thank me for being there and receive your pink girly shit" haha (thanks bro !)

Okay so I was so excited and I didn't had my camera, so here are some phone (bad quality) pictures ~ \o/

When you open the pink plastic bag.. TADA Pink (again) Etude House Box ! It was a bit damaged but nothing really bad, and it's okay because it wasn't bubble wrapped or anything (maybe they expect you to throw it away but I ... I can't do so... I'll keep it and use it to store some make up or products ~)

AND here's the babyyy ~ I took this picture when I was back in Lyon so DON'T WORRY there were bubble wrap IN the pink box, it wasn't like this so it was well secured ~ 

Once I took off the fabric bag, I came accross this metal box, it's soooo lovely, with those tiny details ! It's all covered with this Etude House's products pattern (even the back is printed and not plain metal). It's quite big but not too heavy ~

The first thing you see when you open it is this lovely pink pen in it's box ~ It's so cute yet very classy, perfect for a Lady ! 

Here is how it looks like under it : an envelop and a note book under it, and next to those, Dear My lips lipstick yaay ~

The envelop was filled with korean postcard, I haven't tried to translate them yet (haha some work for those looong summer vacation) but they're so pretty~ there's also stickers \o/

And then a note book, it's really big, and the paper is plain white ~ Very useful when you need to take down some little notes ~

Weellllll, I know you might be curious about the lipstick, but I decided to make a separate review huhuh ~ It'll be my next post, so YOU HAVE TO STAY TUNED if you want to know more about it ~ (I'll tell you just one this, it's the PK004 color ~)

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  1. Oh, c'est tout mignon! :o Bravo pour avoir été choisie~~

    1. Héhé merci ~ pour une fois que je gagne quelque chose \o/

  2. Oh how lucky !!!
    They was so cute and lovely pinky kkk~