16 mars 2014

{Etude House} Precious Mineral Any Cushion review

Hi everybody !

I'm sorry, it's been a long time since my last post, I'll try to update at least once a week but I must put my work for Uni first before the blog, and I think everyone can understand that :) Plus, I'm still not feeling really well (yeah I know it's been two weeks) and I should go to the doctor ..

Today I'm here to review one of the product I've used the most lately.

Etude House's Precious mineral any cushion !

I got it on Cosmetic Love a few time ago because it was on sale, and I was in need of a new BB Cream because the one I used made my face too oily.

The product came out last summer, during my trip to Korea. At first I wasn't interested in it because I believed it was just a random BB in pact, and I don't like it (and the seller tried it on my hand, putting soooo much product, it looked really weird haha).
But people using it and making positives reviews about it made me want to get one for myself, even more when I saw it was on sale of course !

I've already tried a lot of BB Cream, been using it since like... 4 or 5 years and I must admit that my favourites were all from Etude House, so the only thing that was a problem was the price, because.. we must admit that it's a bit more expensive than any other BB Cream right?

Here is a picture of the box, pretty right? I really like how they styled the "E" of Etude House and all the glitters, without beeing too much.

Here's a picture of the english part, sorry it didn't come out really well :(

I don't really know what is related to composition, but it might interess some of you ~

Here it is ~ The design is really simple, certainly to appeal most of the girls ~

And here is how it looks when it's open (I'm sorry for the dirty sponge but I didn't got to wash it before and didn't used it for a few days now). You can see that there's a mirror, it's quite big so if you want to touch up your make up during the day it's really convenient. 

Close up of the sponge, it's not an usual sponge and is supposed to apply the BB cream better on your skin.

And here is the magic. When you open it up, there's a sort of sponge, soaked in BB Cream. I have to say it's a bit weird at first but I've been accustomed to it.

Here is a swatch on my hand. I still don't really know how to take this kind of picture properly.. The coverage is really not bad, it's not too thick like a foundation but it'll still cover those tiny imperfections we want to get rid off ~ It also give an healthy glow, not the oily kind but the one that make your skin looks hydrated and natural.

As for the staying, if you have an oily skin you'll have to touch it up during the day, but it's oil control is quite nice in my opinion. If you have dry skin I think it's also a good option, I had some dry patch on my face when I started using it and it wasn't noticable while wearing it (but the best way not to make them appear when you use BB cream is to use less powder if you do)

However, I have to say that there's a big negative point for me instead of the price : I used it for 2 months and... it's already empty... 
I usually keep a BB Cream for at least 6 months (and often decide to change it because it might get me breakouts) but 2 months for a pricier product is ... nothing. I know you can buy refill, but it as pricy as a normal BB Cream and it still doesn't last that long, so it's not a good option if you want to save money.

Cushion type is really an inovation, but I think it's not necessary for me, and I'll go back to my usual BB Cream, because I can't spend money every 2 months just to have a result I can get with the normal Precious Mineral or Missha's perfect cover ~

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