29 mars 2014

{Fashion} Etsy shop LovelyMelodyClothing's A Party dress review

Hi everyone !

It's not been a long time since my last post right !

I'm here again for a review, but not about cosmetics. Not a long time ago I've ordered a dress from Etsy shop LovelyMelodyClothing. I was looking for a dress for a wedding I'll go to in August. Since there's a theme, I wanted to look for the perfect dress as soon as I could because it could have been a bit hard to find the best one (and I'm a little picky too haha). So, when I found this dress, it was like... I FOUND THE ONE YEAH ! And I assure you that this is truly the perfect one !

Let's talk a little bit about the shop. It's located in Thailand, and they started their business in October 2010 on Etsy. B, who's been majoring in Decorative arts at university learned sewing with her mother and grandmother and she's now working with 5 employees for this shop.

I've ordered the dress on the 28th of February and received a mail saying it was shipped on the 6th of March. Then I waited less than 2 weeks because it arrived on the 16th of March, pretty quick right ?

It arrived in a box, nicely wrapped. The dress was packed in a plastic bag sealed with a cute sticker with the shop's name on it.

Onto the dress itself, it's perfectly well done, no threads everywhere, and it fits perfectly !

The back has some shiring so it can fit a wider range of size but I won't recommand it for someone over EU size 38, otherwise it won't be comfortable enough to wear. As for the bust part, since you have to tie the bow at the back, it'll adjust to your body naturally but of course because of it's shape, it'll look better for smaller bust, but it's just my opinion okay? :)

The fabric is really soft and the color very vibrant, I choose the eggplant colored one, but since this model of dress is kind of their best seller, you can choose from a looot of different colors and different types of fabric (as far as I know, you can choose plain cotton (which can have patterns on it), cotton lace (like mine) or a different kind of see through lace).But of course they have other style of dresses ~

 It has "wings" on both side, which are here to give a more blooming effect to the skirt part, I think it looks really cute and original, you won't see this on every dress ~ But the best part of it is definitly it's back ! At first I was a bit scared because I'm not a big fan of showing my back, my spine is not straight and my posture is like an old women....... but... I'll try my best to correct my posture and look like an elegant and beautiful lady haha ~

Isn't it pretty? I really wish I had enough money to order another dress from them, their designs are sooo pretty and it's really the kind of dress I like at the moment, but right now I'm a bit broke... :(

I'm still wondering with what sort of shoes or accessories I'll wear it, so if you have any idea ~ ! It'd be better for me to use antique gold or black colored items to match the wedding's theme, so if you have something to recommand, I'm waiting for your opinion ~

Let's finish this post with a face shot and a list of the make up products I used :
Etude House - Conditioning cream
Etude House - Skin Fit foundation
Etude House - Surprise stick concealer
It's Skin - Prisma diamond pact
Lioele - Cherry lip tint in Pinky on the cheeks
A'Pieu - Hair match browcara in Milk brown
Eude House - Lucidarling fantastic gradation eyes #5 Golden shadow
Dolly Wink- Brown liquid eyeliner
Tony Moly - Perfect eyes gel fit waterproof eyeliner in #2
Etude House - Dear Girls long and curl mascara
Etude House - Rosy lip tint in #8 After Blossom

So much Etude House products ~~~ I really am a big fan of them

I hope this review was helpful because while I was wondering about buying it or not, I didn't found any picture of it worn, so I hope people in the same situation will find this post :)

Have a nice week ! I'll be back soon because I have another set of pictures ready ;) ♥

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh wow, such a pretty dress and i love the colour of your lips - it matches the colour of your dress so well ^_^
    And how did you curl your fringe, it looks so good *o*


    1. Hi ~ Thank you very much for your comment and I'm so sorry for my late answer ! (it's better late than never hehe). I've used a small flat iron and curl my fringe upward so it looks a bit like a beginning of a curl ! It's kind of hard to explain so I hope you understood ;_;