3 mars 2014

{Shopping Haul}

Hi everyone ~

So, as a University student, my vacations just started ! Yeaaah~


My head's hurting a lot since a few days, seems like it's gonna be a painful rest :(
A least I'm back at my parents' house, so I'm not alone in my flat anymore, even if I'm missing my friends from Uni A LOT ! (even though I'm a loner and don't have many haha)

But I'm not here to talk about my boring life and health problem, I'm gonna show you my lastest purchases.. YAY !

It's the kind of post I really enjoy reading on other blogger's blog, it's interesting, you can know more about their tastes, and also have a bit of inspiration for your next purchases too (and then... you're poor ...)

The first thing I bought during this week end is this beautiful lace mint dress from a french brand called Naf Naf.
I bought it at a reseller shop, it was originally 60€ and I got it for 25€ haha (but before it arrived at the reseller, it was on sale for 24€ hugh... it's not nice T_T) I also had the surprise to wear size 34, which I did not wore since... 5 years maybe? 

Pour mes lecteurs français, franchement, n'hésitez pas à chercher si près de chez vous il n'y a pas une boutique du style Stokomani, ils ont des partenariats avec certaines marques, vous pouvez aussi y trouver de nombreux produits du quotidiens vraiment très bien ! Et tout est neuf, ce sont juste des invendus.

The second thing is a knit, from french brand Cache Cache (I know you can find this brand abroad, I even saw shops in China actually haha)
For 25€, it's not made of whool, but it's sooo comfortable and soft, and so pretty and.. and.. I love it really !
The back is a bit longer so it cover your butt hihi~

See the fabric detail, how cute is it huh? I love it ;;

Here's the back, with a little black bow ~

With the recommandation of one of my friend, I also decided to give a try to cream eyeshadow.
This one is not usual, because it's designed just like a lip gloss, but it's for your eyes. You put a little on your eyelids, and you blend it with the help of your fingers.

Cream pearly white, so pretty, really nice for a base to put on more colors ~~ See  how it looks when it's blended? 

And and and... I must confesse (yes again), one of my other passion is... CANDLES ! I think it's thanks to my roomate from last year, she really likes it and I finally knew why !
My new love is (like most of people, not only candles lover) for Yankee Candle ! I already had one, and bought a new one at a shop I went to last year , because I didn't know where to buy them in my town (but yesterday I discovered there's an official reseller near my flat, nice !)
I decided to go for this sent :

I still haven't light it already, but it smells like fruit candies, I'll wait a little before using it ~


Last but no least, I really want to thanks all the person who came here and read my posts ! I've already had more than 200 views, for some it may be little, but it's huge to me, because I've started writing just a week ago.

Really really thank you, and keep on coming and read my little posts please ~~ ♥

5 commentaires:

  1. Faut que je trouve ces fameuses bougies aussi! Ça fait quand même assez longtemps que j'en entends parler mais jamais vu... :/ (Quoique je suis susceptible de ne pas aimer.. J'ai du mal avec les trucs parfumés...)

    1. Si tu n'aimes pas ce qui sent très fort, alors mefis toi de certaines bougies haha ~ Celle-ci ça va, mais celle que j'ai acheté en premier sent relativement fort, alors je la laisse souvent allumée moins d'une heure (c'est sunset on the lake ou quelque chose comme ça). Mais à Paris tu dois bien pouvoir trouver un point de vente, je suis à Tours là quand même XD

  2. I love the lace grey dress~!


    1. Hehe thanks ~ I wish it were already summer so I can wear it ;A;

  3. Lovely manicure!